Saturday, January 10, 2009

"Each of us can make a difference and all of us must try."

Although I'm a bit uncomfortable with the word" must" in this oft-repeated Kennedy family saying, I wholeheartedly agree with the idea that each and every one of us has something valuable to contribute. The trick is figuring out what it is.


  1. Anonymous10:32 PM

    Thanks for sharing. Today, I read a heart-wrenching post from someone about losing themselves.

    The author attributed this "loss" to being a mother. She loved her roll as mother, but felt as if she were being stifled/restrained/confined.

    She felt as if she was no longer making a difference...

    Those of us who are and have been mothers know she is making a difference (as does she, I'm sure), but maybe it's not on a grand scale.

    So, yes, I love this quote, but I also know there is a time and a season. And that to make a difference one can simply be a shining light in their family or on their block. Making a difference doesn't have to be Kennedy-style and can simply mean living an ordinary life well.

    Allyn Evans

  2. Anonymous9:07 AM

    After I read your post Prill I was thinking too that sometimes making a difference is just living true to who we are. And then I read Allyn's comment and she said pretty much the same thing. Maybe if people realized they don't have to do something on a grand scale, but just be true to who they are, more people wouldn't be afraid. Now wouldn't that be something? Ever since I discovered my truth and began living it three years ago, I wish that for everyone. I always will.

  3. Anonymous4:51 PM

    It's interesting that some of us struggle because we are so cognizant of that feeling that we MUST do something. While others don't seem to need to do much but satisfy their whims.

    I think, by the way, since my hands-on mothering days are behind me, that raising children is one of the MOST significant things we can do. But that doesn't mean it's always easy, or even interesting!