Monday, September 22, 2008

Exercise of the Week: Opening Up to Possibility

Here's an exercise I've been doing for years that's made a tremendous difference in my life: Whenever an idea pops into my head that causes my heart to soar, or someone--even a stranger--suggests I try something different, I take a deep breath before dismissing the thought.

Then I ask myself: Why not? What do I have to lose?

Sometimes I find there's a legitimate reason not to pursue the idea. But more often than not, these questions launch me on new learning adventures and lead me into deeper joy.


  1. I like this exercise. It is true! I have a friend who is always coming up with great ideas for me. When she does, I stop, think about it, and if it feels right, I go for it. And it always leads me down new paths... with more joy.

  2. I'm one of those folks who has so many ideas that it can be overwhelming. I use the "sleep-on-it" method to make decisions.

    But the key point you make...about your heart soaring...that's when you need to pay close attention. If it's exciting to you, then there's a reason!

    I enjoy your weekly exercises.