Friday, November 02, 2007

The Dream Team

Last summer, four of my girlfriends and I decided as a hoot to do a regular podcast where we hone our speaking skills (the challenge being to distill our comments to a minute apiece per topic) and share our thoughts on later-in-life blooming. We call ourselves The Dream Team. To listen to our monthly dose of inspiration, wisdom and wit, click here.

The Dream Team:

DALE ALLEN: A 15-year veteran of business and commercial communications, Dale ignites audiences around the country with her one-woman show In Our Right Minds, A Celebration of Women, the Sacred Feminine and the Right Brain. An accomplished lecturer, facilitator, playwright, and actress, Dale brings “the energy of a Cape Canaveral lift-off” to her presentations.

JOAN FISLER: A Certified Financial Planner and Divorce Financial Analyst, Joan's vision is to educate and inspire people to become confident and successful investors. In her private practice, Joan consults with women and couples as they go through the divorce process and is one of the first financial professionals trained in the collaborative divorce model in Connecticut.

C.J. GOLDEN: Author of The Tao Of The Defiant Woman, now in its second edition and newly published in Spanish, C.J. is a former speech therapist and actor. A freelance columnist, motivational speaker and a regular contributor to the Sally Jessy Raphael TalkNet Show, she also conducts seminars around the country.

BARBARA SCALA: A Life Transition & Divorce Coach, former attorney and Founder/Editor of Bloom, Barbara’s motto is "Grow from Life Transitions!" A dynamic speaker, Barbara helps people transition from divorce, career, midlife and other lifestyle changes and is also the co-author of Sanity Savers: Tips for Women to Live a Balanced Life as seen on the Today Show.

And me!

Note: In the photo above, from the left are C.J., me, Barb, Dale, and Joan.

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