Thursday, March 08, 2007

Francine Silverman

“I’m one of your late bloomers,” author and publicity expert Francine Silverman (see photo below) told me last week.

Fran and I have a lot in common. We both spent years working as legal secretaries, published first books in our 50's, and joined Toastmasters to get comfortable speaking in front of an audience.

(How many late-blooming women, I wonder, were once secretaries?)

Then in Fran's mid-thirties, her life took a turn. She was hired to do advertising display at Riverdale Press and eventually began contributing articles. She soon discovered that she enjoyed writing more than selling ads. At 57, she published her first book, a travel guide called Catskills Alive (Hunter Publishing 2000). Three years later, she published a second travel guide, this one about Long Island.

“From there,” Fran says, “one thing led to another.”

First, Fran started a wonderful e-zine, her Book Promotion Newsletter for authors of all genres.

The newsletter then spawned Book Marketing from A-Z (Infinity Publishing 2005), which contains the best marketing strategies of 325 of her subscribers. (If you’re a newly published author, I highly recommend reading this book.)

The book then gave birth to an Internet radio show Book Marketing with Fran.

The latter two ventures inspired Fran to compile her newest book: Talk Radio for Authors (Infinity Publishing 2007). It contains invaluable information on talk radio shows across the U.S. and Canada that welcome authors as guests, and it saves authors the time and trouble of locating appropriate programs to contact.

Last week I interviewed Fran via e-mail to ask her about her newest venture.

How did you get interested in radio?

My interest began when I started my on-line publicity service. I found it relatively easy to book my clients on radio shows.

What do you love about what you do, and what have you learned?

I love producing my Book Promotion Newsletter because my subscribers are creative and innovative. They give me great ideas that I can in turn share with others. Many talk radio programs invite authors as guests, and I’m overjoyed when I match up shows with clients. Radio is an excellent way for authors to get the word out about their books. Many talk radio hosts are simply wonderful—responsive, supportive, and complimentary. Authors, of course, should not limit themselves to writing—or even promoting. They should find other outlets to pursue. Your connections expand so!

What made you decide to write your newest book? At what age did you start and how long did it take?

Oh, you are asking me to reveal my age!! Let’s just say that I’m in my early 60’s. Born a drop too early to be considered a real Baby Boomer. I wrote the book because of the difficulty I and others had in finding all the relevant information about radio programs. Radio station websites often fail to provide the theme of their shows and even whether they invite guests. This book should help authors cut down the time it takes to find the right show to contact.

To order any of Fran’s books, click here. Also check out Fran’s blog at You don't have to be an author to gain something from Fran's research.

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