Monday, December 28, 2009

What Makes Us Happy?

I first read Joshua Wolf Shenk's riveting Atlantic magazine article "What Makes Us Happy?" last June and re-read it yesterday upon finding it on a Top Ten Best Articles of 2009 list.  

The following video clip is of George Vaillant, longtime director of the longitudinal, comprehensive Harvard study of mental and physical well-being upon which the article is based, speaking about the insights he and his fellow researchers gained from following 268 men for 72 years.  Lots of great food for thought here for aspiring bloomers.


  1. Funny, I was talking about this subject at lunch with comidienne Janet Blake today. Seriously. And just saw a movie (Nine) about it a couple hours afterward. Great subject. I know what makes me happy. It's my choice. No one can do it for me. Took me a long time to learn something so simple.
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  2. This brought tears to my eyes... but ah, that is me... sentimental and love it, which took me years to realize is a gift that brings me happiness.
    There IS so much good in growing older-- I love it more and more every year. :)
    I hope to teach that to kids too through Frankie's new book-- so hopefully the newer generations will not fear getting older as much as we did.

    Thanks for sharing this moving video, Prill. Happy New Year!

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  3. Barbara & Carolyn-- Both of you seem to be doing everything right when it comes to happiness. Hope you have a wonderful 2010! --Prill

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