Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Defying Gravity, Too!

The interviews for the male sequel to Defying Gravity are done! Here are some of the men:
  • A popular Denver anchorman who lost his job to downsizing in his 50s and then fulfilled his dream of becoming a veterinary technician.
  • A New York City marketing exec who gave up retirement and started a non-profit to help young men plan for life after prison.
  • A sharecropper from Alabama who became a world-renowned folk artist in his 60s.
  • A salesman who took a "gap year" in his 40s and wound up as a wildlife researcher and loon expert in Maine.
  • A commercial banker who left the business to buy a popular zoo in the heart of Louisiana's "Cajun Country."
  • An Oregon gas station owner who at 48 went on a trip of a lifetime by attaching helium balloons to a lawnchair and taking flight across two states.
  • A former pro basketball player and marketing rep who became an urban farmer in his 50s and started a non-profit to provide healthy foods to under-served populations in the Midwest.
  • A retired Marine Corps major, Vietnam vet and cancer survivor who became an award-winning teacher of students with behavioral problems in southern California.
  • A mortgage banking officer who became a nurse practitioner in his 50s and now works with HIV/AIDS patients in Palm Springs.
  • A former grocery store owner who returned to his love of flying and become a commercial airline pilot in his 40s.
  • A fiber optics pioneer who, at age 60, became the third self-funded "space tourist" to visit the International Space Station.
  • A musician and recovering addict who was a front-line volunteer after 9/11, Hurricane Katrina and the Sri Lanka tsunami, and helped found a hospital after the 2005 Pakistan earthquake.
  • An ex-Wall Street titan who at 57 is one of the first fellows of Harvard University's new Advanced Leadership Initiative, which trains former business executives for the nonprofit world.
  • A high school dropout and electronics repairman who, at 70, is pursuing a PhD in history at the University of Kentucky.
  • The former "public face" of a pioneering Public Television station who retired to become a "wolf ambassador" at Yellowstone National Park.


  1. Woooohoo! Didn't you have fun. What's fair is fair, huh? Love stories like these--any age, any sex.

    Carolyn Howard-Johnson
    Blogging at Writer's Digest 101 Best Websites pick www.sharingwithwriters.blogspot.com

  2. Sooo much fun! And I agree: What's fair is fair.

  3. Inspiring stories, Prill! Can't wait to read the latest edition. :)
    Allyn (www.allynevans.blogspot.com)

  4. prill,

    now we have an inspiring book to give to our male friends! Congrats on completing the interviews and finding such interesting men!

    Liz Rueven

  5. Wow! Sounds absolutely wonderful!!


  6. Brian Pettee2:54 PM

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  7. Patrice2:56 PM

    I can't wait until this book is in print, so I can give it to my gravity-defying hubby, who is considering embarking on a whole new career in his late 50's. I see a PBS special on this, or perhaps an episode of "This American Life."

    Carry on!