Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kevin Macpherson

Four times a year I read through my journal entries from the previous three months to spot recurrent themes and see if there is any action item I need to put at the top of my list. As I wander through the landscape of my reflections, I invariably discover some gems. Here's one, a quote I came across in April while reading Kevin Macpherson's wonderful book on plein air painting, Reflections on a Pond:

Most of us fail to give ourselves permission to unwrap our special gifts. We hope to do it at a more convenient time. First we must complete life. But is life ever complete? We rush around attempting to finish all our self-imposed tasks. In this blur of racing to the destination, we can lose perspective of the importance of the journey. . . . We must savor each moment. These moments make up our lives.

Note: The painting above is one of Kevin's original works titled "Amongst the Pines." You can find others on his website: www.kevinmacpherson.com.

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