Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Kathryn W. Davis

When philanthropist Kathryn W. Davis turned 100 this past February, she celebrated the occasion by giving away $20 million. The gift is part of her five-year plan. (Yes, that's right, this spirited centenarian has a five-year plan!)

As she tells NY Times reporter Robin Finn:

105 is how long I think I should live, and everybody told me that when I got to be 100, I should do whatever I want. One thing I want to do is to save the Hudson River, see it accessible and swimmable and green along the banks. . . .

Hence the entire $20 million went to Scenic Hudson, Inc., an environmental organization dedicated to protecting and restoring the river.

To read the full article, click here.

Note: The photo at the top of this posting is by Vickie Muller (Muller Studio, Middletown, NY) and shows Ms. Davis with Scenic Hudson President Ned Sullivan at the June 15 news conference where she announced the gift.


  1. Protecting our environment should be on everyones mind, but unfortunitaly it is not. We have but one world, so doing what is right, is correct thought and concern. We as a company / group or as Earth's Outlet, we have such a mission and that is to build sustainable communities throughout the world by partnering with a world community; e.g. affordable homes that protect human life from natural disasters to teaching people how to grow their own farms.

  2. Thanks, Mark. FYI to readers: Clicking above on "Mark" brings you to his website. --pb