Sunday, June 17, 2007

Boomer Bands

What better time than Father's Day for a story on the growing number of boomer dads (and the occasional mom) forming garage bands to play the rock 'n' roll hits of their youth?

According to NY Times Sunday Styles writer Katie Hafner, the Tennyson Seven band in Palo Alto, California is typical of the trend

Band member Rob Reis, a 53-year old Silicon Valley entrepreneur, tells Hafner that he can think of no better way to spend middle age:

'What do other people do?' he ask[s], as if only vaguely aware of his other options, none of which appeal to him in the least. 'A fancy car? An affair?'

Dad bands aren't just a West Coast phenomenon. Seven boomer doctors in my Connecticut town, including two of my own physicians, have also formed one. (See photo at right.) I love these guys! Whimsically calling themselves DNR (Do Not Resuscitate), they've developed quite a local following.

To read Hafner's article, click here.

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