Sunday, January 21, 2007

Judith Marks-White

Speaking of cool sixty-something year olds…

My friend and former teaching colleague Judith Marks-White (see photo at left) has just published her first novel: Seducing Harry: An Epicurean Affair (Random House/Ballantine Books 2006). It’s a wickedly delicious romp featuring a middle-aged housewife with a healthy—some might say ravenous—libido.

Nancy Thayer, author of the Hot Flash Club series, raves that the book is a "chic and racy tale liberally laced with champagne, scandal, and wit." She adds: "Judith Marks-White's descriptions of fabulous meals were so delectable, I gained five pounds just reading--but I lost ten pounds from laughing!"

Roberta Myers, Editor-in-Chief of Elle, calls the book “a page turner with a sexy, funny heroine who gives the phrase, 'appetite for life' a new meaning.”

Here’s how Judith herself describes Seducing Harry for Will Rowlands, editor of the Westport News (1/19/07):
“My book falls into the genre of women’s-lit, although my husband assures me after reading the book, that men will enjoy it too. . . . [I]t is written from the point of view of the more mature women ‘of a certain age’ and has a clear message: . . . ‘It’s not all over’ the minute we hit our 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond. . . . We grownup chick-litters’ motto is: ‘We only get better as we get older.’ . . . Seducing Harry is the embodiment of that philosophy.”

When asked how long it took to write the book, Judith says, “An entire lifetime. In many ways, I am a late-bloomer, but I am also the sum total of all my experiences which have served to make me the writer I’ve become.”

What tickles me most about the success of Seducing Harry is that I’ve witnessed the persistence, hard work and angst that Judith has put into it--which makes watching the payoff that much sweeter.

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