Monday, February 08, 2010

Understanding Our Differences

Watching my seven-month old granddaughter yesterday, I was struck by how similar our temperaments are.  Both of us light up around people, but grow tired with too much stimulation.  Solitude recharges our batteries.  Naps for Lydia Rose.  Walks for me.

Not so my husband.  He’s the kind of man who could socialize every night of the week.  My daughter-in-law says her mother is the same way. 

Keeping biological differences in mind as we navigate our dreams helps us stay healthy and happy.  (I, for one, try not to schedule too many back-to-back engagements.)  The bottom line is that as much as defying gravity necessitates going beyond our natural limitations, it also implies that, in large measure, we accept who we are.  


  1. Well, I would say I am much like you and Lydia Rose as I am the same way. Always nice to know I am among such a beautiful tribe. :)

    Barbara Techel
    Award winning author of the Frankie the Walk ‘N Roll Dog Book Series
    My passion is bringing a positive face and voice to animals with disabilities
    Frankie is Official Mascot for National Disabled Pets Day and
    Wisconsin Pet Hall of Fame Companion Dog

  2. Still can't picture you a grandmother, Prill!

  3. Yup, Diane, I'm a grandmother all right, and loving it. (I'm almost 56!) And, yes, Barb, I too feel like we're members of the same tribe.

  4. Prill.. one of the best parts about getting older are the insights we have about ourselves..Like flowers, we need just the right conditions to bloom. How wonderful for you to see that reflection of your self in your sweet grandaughter.

  5. I do the same thing about spacing engagements and getting enough solitude. I am finding, though, that some engagements energize me. And so I am seeking more of those. :)