Monday, November 30, 2009

Curt Rosengren

Looking to find a purpose? Want more passion in your work life? Here’s one of the best blogs I’ve came across so far on this topic: The M.A.P. Maker: Meaning, Abundance & Passion in Your Career and in Your Life.

The brainchild behind this site is self-described "Passion Catalyst” Curt Rosengren, author of The Occupational Adventure Guide: A Travel Guide to the Career of Your Dreams and 101 Ways to Get Wild About Work.

Rosengren, who’s frequently quoted in national newspapers (I heard about him in USA Today) and whose first blog, The Occupational Adventure, was chosen by as one of the Best of the Web, has built a career around asking three simple questions:

1. What lights you up?
2. What difference do you feel compelled to make in the world?
3. How do you create a livelihood based on that?

Am I worried that you might get hooked on this guy’s blog and no longer frequent mine?

Not at all.

As Julia Cameron, author of The Artist's Way, is often quoted as saying: "There's room for us all."

Even if she's wrong, I don't care. I'm kind of a Buddhist. I'm of the mind that I'm gonna die anyway so I might as well do some good here.


  1. Love your spirit, Prill! I say "You reap what you sow" So, you're going to reap all these other folks hopping on over to Defying Gravity! I always enjoy your posts. Thanks for all you do.