Friday, January 23, 2009

The Hero Within

On Tuesday night at the Neighborhood Inaugural Ball, Mariah Carey performed Hero. She wrote it, she told the audience, "for everybody out there with a dream."

Yeah, I know it's a corny song...but hearing her sing it to our new President brought tears to my eyes. While the whole world seems to be pinning its hopes on this one man, Carey's lyrics champion personal responsibility.


  1. Anonymous11:58 AM

    Okay, now you made me cry, Prill. I happen to love this song very much. I think it applies well to each and every one of us willing to do what it takes to make our nation great again.
    I also chose this song for the background music for Frankie's video. She really is my hero because all the words describe her and she taught me to be a strong, confident, courageous person.
    She taught me that we can all be the hero within our own lives. Yup, all that from a 10-inch tall dog.
    Now I need a tissue...

  2. I think we are all so hopeful and have been so bereft of hope for our nation in the past few years, the tears are just there, waiting. (-:

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