Sunday, November 02, 2008

Thought for the Day

Trust and timing have been as crucial as persistence and hard work in most (if not all) of my creative endeavors.


  1. Excellent quote. :) I'm also a firm believer we create our own "luck" by combining persistence and hard work with opportunities.

  2. This was a hard lesson for me to learn, Prill. When I was young I thought I had a great deal control over my own life. I still believe in preparations and hard work but I think success holds hands with listening and feeling what the universe presents to us. Luck. Fate. Whatever. When it comes, we have to recognize it and utilize it.

    Carolyn Howard-Johnson

  3. Boy, isn't this the truth! I wish I known how to trust more in what was to be when I was younger.. though glad I understand it more now. Just sometimes need to be reminded.
    70 degress and sunny here in Wisconsin today!! I can hardly believe it!

  4. I'm with all of you. Forcing things before their time is counterproductive.

    Thanks for the reminder, Prill!