Monday, September 29, 2008

Exercise of the Week: Cultivating Creativity

Living well is a creative act. Imagination fuels our dreams and launches us skyward. It also propels us to help others take flight. So this week I encourage you to step outside your routine and stoke your artistic spirit. Go to a play, a concert, a lecture, a museum--anything or anywhere that exposes you to new ideas and stimulates your senses.

Note: I went to see B.B. King in concert last week, hence the photo above (which I "grabbed" from his website) . At 83 years of age, he's still charming audiences as he belts out the blues.


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  3. Anonymous3:45 PM


    I couldn't pass up commenting today. I grew up in the Mississippi Delta and very near where B.B. King was born (Itta Bena) and then later lived as a young man (Indianola).

    I love his story. Although he was not a late bloomer at the time, he did go after a dream.

    Riley, his real name, worked on a farm as a sharecropper and tractor driver. He also sang in a band called St. John's Gospel. He had been trying to talk members of the band into leaving Indianola, but they didn't listen. He had been thinking maybe he it was time for him to do it alone.

    He made his decision, one night in May of 1946. On that evening, Riley returned from the fields. He attempted to turn off the tractor. The big piece of equipment moved forward and this motion broke off the exhaust stack.

    Riley knew the manager of the farm would be very upset. He decided it was time to go. Reportedly, he only had $2.50 in his pocket. And as the story goes...he was headed down highway 49 to Memphis. I'm thinking he never looked back!

    Loved this post!


  4. Allyn-- What a great story! B.B.K. was electrifying the other night. A musical genius. --pb

    P.S. I removed the two posts above yours b/c they were spam.