Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Living Up To Our Potential

One of the readers of this blog recently commented that wearing a blue wig and a fake tattoo isn’t being bold. (See my 8/06/08 post.) Fair enough. That said, it’s precisely those kind of small, seemingly silly steps that have taken me from being the kind of person who hesitates to phone strangers to a woman who feels at ease in almost any situation.

More than anything else I have done, or recommend others do, my eight-and-a-half year “bold-thing-a-day” practice has been the most important element of my success. It pushes me to try new things, to speak the truth, to reach out to others. Yesterday, I rode my bike in traffic. Today I plan to interview someone I met last week at the National Speaker’s Convention. Who knows what I'll do tomorrow.

Note: The above photo was taken at a break-out session I attended at the NSA Convention. ("The First 30 Seconds: Rock Their World...and Then Some!") It was sent to me by the presenter, Dave Timmons, who quit his corporate job in midlife to become a musician. He's the person I plan to do a phone interview with this afternoon.

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