Saturday, May 05, 2007

Becoming A Superstar After 50

My kids complain that I never replace the magazines in our upstairs bathroom, but I'm forever finding gems in them.

As I was going through the basket this morning, I discovered an inspiring 2005 AARP Magazine article by Jennifer Connelly titled Hitting It Big.

Connelly writes: "It’s easy to assume that wildly successful people—those who have riches, power, or fame—were charmed at birth. But many became superstars only after age 50, after years of hard work."

The article profiles five individuals who prove that while some Americans are getting ready to retire in their fifties, others are just getting started.

Click here to read the whole piece.

NOTE: I lifted the above photo of superstar Pedro Sanchez directly from the on-line version of the article. (I'd credit the photographer, but no name was provided.) Sanchez won the World Food Prize--often compared to the Nobel—in 2003.

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