Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bread Upon the Waters

Kimberly Lynch might never have enrolled at UPenn were it not for Bread Upon the Waters, an innovative scholarship program for women over 30 who seek to earn Penn degrees by studying part time.

(That's Bread founder Elin Danien in the photo above.)

Lynch remembers telling Rhea Mandell, a former Bread coordinator, “I don’t even know why I’m here. Even if I get into the [College of General Studies] program, I have five small children, and there’s no way I can afford to go here.”

But with Mandell’s encouragement to apply and Bread to help finance her studies, Lynch accepted Penn's offer of admittance.

On the way to earnng a degree in biology, Lynch developed “a DNA-sequencing procedure that, for the first time, enabled scientists to detect whether outbreaks of infections caused by the potentially harmful bacterium listeria monocytogenes involve the same strain.”

Today, she's a director of oncology services for a medical-education company.

Lynch's amazing story appears in the Spring 2007 issue of Penn Arts & Sciences Magazine. Click here to read the article.

NOTE: The photo above and quotes from this posting are taken directly from the article. To learn more about Bread founder Elin Danien, a late bloomer in her own right, see my October 18, 2006 posting.

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