Sunday, October 29, 2006

Arthur K. Update

Arthur Krakower (see my Oct. 22nd posting) saw my blog last week and wrote me a note. Keep in mind that he's 85. Here's an excerpt:

....Just to add the latest--On October 14th I finished a month-long show at Smith Anderson Editions in Palo Alto, which was co-hosted by my MFA School, CCA. The gallery sold 12 paintings and prints. In addition, I printed for three days (the gallery has a fabulous printer, Kathryn Kain), and the new 32 monotypes will be the basis of my next show. . . . Fondly, Arthur

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  1. Prill,
    I love your new blog. I always read your monthly Boomer Women's column but this is so much more. The photos are great (You are such a pretty gal and Arthur Krakower's paintings are so interesting. I'll look him up.)
    All the best with your novel. Keep on writing. I so look forward to it.
    Thanks for this blog. You ARE such a beauty.
    Dian Parker
    from Washington State